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Ph. D. , Central Library of the Research Centre Jüelich


The future of library services must be considered against the background of a new self-conception of libraries and their definition and of a changing information society. In future, traditional library services will no longer be sufficient to ensure the survival of libraries. They will be required as a basic routine, but the proactivity of the library and its contribution to the overall enterprise or institution will be defined by a wide range of new activities still to be established. The following paper describes, on the one hand, the changing boundary conditions and, on the other, the current status of the reputation and image of libraries. The second part of the paper deals, in detail, with the opportunities arising in new fields of application. As examples, distance education and e-learning for libraries will be discussed, and the significance of knowledge management in and for libraries will be illustrated. Furthermore, consideration is given to the staff qualifications necessary in these new fields of activity.