Since 2003, the scholarly International Journal of Information Science and Management (IJISM) has been published continuously and regularly every six months by the Regional Information Center for Science and Technology, now Islamic World Science and Technology Monitoring and Citation Institute (ISC), Shiraz, Iran. From issue 1, volume 20, year 2022, we in the editorial board decided to publish IJISM quarterly due to the large number of scientific articles received worldwide.

     Over the past two decades, many tremendous changes and developments have occurred in information science and management. In recent years, this field has been heavily influenced by transformative technologies. We believe that the mission of information science is to advance the understanding and organization of information, fostering efficient and effective use of data. Information scientists strive to develop systems, technologies, and methodologies to manage information resources, facilitate knowledge discovery, and enhance decision-making processes. On the other hand, information management goals involve ensuring that an organization's information assets are utilized strategically. This includes maintaining data integrity, protecting against security threats, optimizing information flow, and aligning technology with organizational objectives. The overarching goal is to leverage information resources for competitive advantage, innovation, and sustainable growth. In essence, both information science and management aim to harness the power of information to improve processes, drive innovation, and contribute to the success of organizations in an increasingly data-driven world.


     While focusing on information science and management, IJISM welcomes articles that contribute to advancing knowledge in these fields. Here are some types of articles that are often suitable:

  • Research Articles: original research that presents new findings, methodologies, or insights related to information science and management or technology applications.
  • Review Articles: comprehensive reviews of existing literature, summarizing the current state of knowledge in a particular area within information science and management.
  • Case studies: detailed examinations of specific cases or projects showcasing innovative solutions, challenges faced, and lessons learned in information management and technology.
  • Methodological Papers: articles introducing and discussing new research methods or tools relevant to information science and management.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: contributions that bridge information science with other disciplines, explaining intersections that enhance our understanding and application of information.
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations: papers discussing ethical and legal implications of information management, privacy, data governance, and responsible use of technology.
  • Technological advances: articles highlighting the development and impact of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, or cybersecurity, in the context of information science and management.
  • Educational Initiatives: contribution focused on innovative approaches to teaching and learning within information science and management.


     As the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the IJISM, I assure the authors and researchers who submit their articles to this internationally known scientific journal that we will do our best to respond promptly. Of course, in the meantime, the articles must go through the processes based on the regulations governing scientific publication and ensure the review process.

Professor Jafar Mehrad,


International Journal of Information Science and Management (IJISM)