When The English is not sufficient for the peer review process, your research loses the best possible chance of being published. Language quality is one of the two main reasons why manuscripts are immediately rejected by journals. In fact, non-native English speakers are three times more likely to have their manuscripts rejected than native speakers.

Native Language Editing & Proofreading Services (NLEPS) provides you with elaborate language double-checks, evaluation of the logicalness, the flow of your manuscript, and reference checks. Eventually, your manuscript will get ready for submission to the International Journal of Information Science and Management (IJISM). This professional service guarantees the following:

  • Sharp focus on the coherence and flow of the content
  • Standard formatting to meet the requirements of IJISM
  • Reference check for consistency and structure
  • Detailed language check for spelling, grammar, sentence structures, and terminology

Please reach us at editbeforesubmit@gmail.com for consultation and/or orders.