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1 Ph. D.Management Information Systems (MIS),University of Jos

2 Ph. D., Mathematics Programme Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi


Encryption is an important tool for managing and protecting information. Cryptography is the only practical means of sending information over an insecure channel. These channels may be computers, telephone lines, satellite, etc. The Increasing use of electronic means of data transfer from one point to another, coupled with the growth in networking and Internet communication, has extended the need to protect vital information- military, banking, academics (question papers), databases and the e-initiative. This paper proposes a new radical method for a secured means of encrypting and decrypting messages. The method uses data compression and systems of non-linear equations. With this, we hope that data transmission across networks will be more secured. This new proposal is in recognition of the peculiar nature of our environment where people want to break codes/messages not intended for them. The final stage is to turn the text message to a system of non-linear equations, which can be solved only when the text message gets to its intended destination.