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1 Ph.D., National Committee for the Supervision and Assessment of Cultural and Scientific Affairs

2 Ph.D., University of Tehran


The experiences by different societies reveal that consistent social and economic development results from the development of science and technology, and that the latter takes place only in a process that includes: comprehensive policy making; precise planning; determining relevant strategies and finally the effective implementation of plans in different areas. Providing a clear picture of science and technology status is an essential requirement of this process. For this reason, this paper seeks to discuss, as far as possible, different aspects of S&T in Iran based on a rather comprehensive set of indicators i.e. Human Resources indicators, Financial indicators, Performance indicators and finally Productivity indicators. The objective is to review, based on the information available, the changes occurred during the years 1996, 1998 and 2000. Also, statistics of S&T in Iran is compared with those of other countries.