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Ph.D. , Department of Library and Infromation Science Tehran University


This article deals with some social aspects of scientometry. Although scientometry and ISI -one of the scientometry evaluative standards- are something necessary for scientific measurement, they are not without defects. In this regard, the author argues that there are two significant points among criticism. These points are supposed to be external and internal. The external point is highly affected by politics and political powers. The superpowers politely and silently attract and/or invite all alert minds from all over the world and then usurp all their mental activities such as papers and patents. This is so, while these talented persons originally belong to their home countries where they have been trained and given facilities during their scientific life before their immigrations. Putting someone in real need and then preparing his/her needs in another place in order to attract him/her is a kind of imposed dependence but politely and silently. This may be regarded as usurpation if the benefits of the scientific achievements of these persons are not allocated to their home countries. The internal point is that non-English speaking countries have some disadvantages in comparison with the English speaking countries. Therefore, the author suggests that scientometry and especially ISI would operate more efficiently if they establish some branches in other countries or cooperate with some universities all over the world and allocate some benefits to the home countries of writers and researchers.