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1 Ph.D. Professor , University of Isfahan

2 Ph.D. Student , University of Isfahan

3 Ph.D. Student , Master of Marketing Management University of Isfahan


This paper attempts to develop a method for readiness assessment of potential electronic commerce (e-commerce) success of Iran’s insurance industry. This method can expand in other industries. Key factors impacting e-commerce are identified from Wells, D. and Thomann, j. (2006) researches. This model is a two-dimension 3*4 matrix. Each dimension consists of variables that influence on insurance industries readiness. These variables on horizontal dimension are: People Readiness, IT Readiness, and Business Readiness and on vertical dimension are: Business Imperative, Executive Sponsorship, Development Method and Business Process Orientation. Each cells of this matrix evaluated by 5 questions. This research’s data are collected via a 60-questions questionnaire-based survey from Iranian insurance companies. At the end of the research, the Iranian insurance companies were strongly recommended by us to invest on e-commerce and e-insurance area.