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1 B.Sc. , University of St. Gallen, Library, Dufourstrasse

2 Research Centre Juelich, Central Library


Traditional bibliometric indicators are only partially suitable for evaluating the scientific achievements of individual people. They are either notdefinitive or they are too complicated to use due to technical and methodological difficulties. There is still no definite evidence for thecorrelation between the citation rate (CPP) and the H-Index. In order to obtain a reliable assessment of what the relation is between the H-Index andthe citation rate, we performed a study on 30 relevant scientists from the disciplines of "particle physics" and "neurology". The foregoing discussionson the different correlations revealed that the form and degree of correlation do not just vary considerably between the individual comparisons but alsoamongst the disciplines. In both disciplines, the correlation between the citation rate CPP and the H-Index was relatively low. We also found varyingdegrees of correlation here.