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1 Ph. D. Student HKBK College of Engineering of Bangalore

2 Ph. D. , University of Mysore


This study intended to carry out a survey of engineering college libraries that have computerized their operations and services. It provides an implicit view of the professional experiences of the engineering college librarians in computerizing their house keeping operations. Information was collected using a structured questionnaire mailed to 128 engineering college librarians, of which 102 (79.69%) were received duly filled with all the relevant information requested in the questionnaire. It was observed that 13.73% of the libraries were not automated for reasons which varied from library to library such as lack of computer facility, financial problems, lack of trained manpower and inadequate library collection. The study was limited to the automated libraries of engineering college in Karnataka which gives a status view of the software packages used by different libraries and the opinion of the librarians and library staff about the performance of the software they use. No comprehensive survey has been conducted at national or local level to reveal the status of the software and related problems faced by engineering college libraries in India. The current study, although focusing only on libraries in the Karnataka state, results could perhaps be generalized to the country as a whole and should prove useful as an indication of issues and problems with library software.