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1 Ph.D. University of Isfahan

2 M.S. , University of Isfahan

3 M.S. University of Isfahan


This research attempted to study the reading behavior of graduate students in digital environment at University of Isfahan through 2008-2009.  Different elements such as types of electronic resources, reading methods, amounts of note taking, amounts of printing and the advantages of using the electronic resources are being discussed. The paper employs descriptive survey research method to answer the questions. Data needed for research was gathered through a researcher-made questionnaire based on the related literature and Liu's questionnaire (2005). The statistical population used in this research consisted of the graduate students of seven departments in University of Isfahan and stratum random sampling was applied. The findings showed that students make use of different types of electronic resources. They tend to take notes from printed material and print electronic resources. They scan when they read from computer monitors. The highest advantage of reading electronic resources is acquiring update information and remote access while the least significant advantage is the ease of reading on the computer screens.