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1 M.S. Computer Engineering, Head of Information Technology Department, Regional Information Center for Science and Technology, Shiraz, Iran

2 B.S. Regional Information Center for Science and Technology

3 Assistant prof. Regional Information Center for Science and Technology

4 M.S. Regional Information Center for Science and Technology


The main idea of this survey was to gather the data related to Malaysian Open Access Journals (OAJs) with respect to their subject, host organization, indexing, full text availability and language during 2005-2012. Malaysian journals were selected for this survey because Malaysia is currently one of the successful countries in science and technology among other Islamic countries. Data gathering was performed through using various sources of information such as literature, search engines, and directories. Altogether 216 Malaysian scientific OAJs were identified and analyzed. Most of these journals are published by universities in comparison with research institutes. The number of OAJs in “Social Sciences” and “Engineering and Technology” is higher than other subject fields. The main language of Malaysian OAJs is English. IRANDOR4 : 98.1000/ijism.92.112213

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