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The purpose of this research is to analyze and map the production of the Quranic sciences field at the international level indexedin the WoS database during the period 2000 to 2017 using the VOSviewer software to illustrate the results.Descriptive - analytical method used to achieve the research purpose.The research population is comprised of all documentsregarding the Qur'anic studies indexed in the citation index of science and social sciences accessible through WOS.The results showed that most researches topicsduring 2000-2017 focused on Islam religion which was the main area of research. Regarding highly productive writers, Duderija and Behn each authored 9 documents and Burman placed in the next position.Zadeh, Rippin and Shoemaker have the highest number of co-authorship with 67, 62 and 42documents,respectively.Also, there are 75 countries in the field of Qur'anic studies in the form of articles in which The United States, Turkey, Malaysia and Iran, with 313, 145, 129 and 114 articles, are the most productivecountriesin this field.Considering higher Education Institutes, Malaysia International Islamic University, Islamic Azad University, university Malaya and Tehran University with the production of 39, 38, 36 and 14 articles about Quran, respectively, are the most productive