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Infopreneurship is the art of entrepreneurship using information and helps infopreneurs to struggle and stand in an arena called fair (bazaar) and make benefits with once they succeed. Hence, this research was conducted with the aim of providing a model for online Infopreneurship in Iran. The present research is an applied one in terms of its purpose, and carried out through quantitative approach and analytical survey method. The statistical population of this study included1835 directors and experts of websites and online businesses across Iran. Sampling was done randomly in through stratified simply class and 320 people were selected using Krejcie and Morgan table. The data collection instrument was a researcher-made questionnaire. Data were analyzed using one-group T-test, Pearson correlation coefficient, analysis of variance and factor analysis.The findings of this study showed that structural, behavioral, field, strategic, and consequential factors are correlated with the correlation coefficient of 0.74, 0.73, 0.75, 0.68 and 0.18 with the variables of Infopreneurship, and were significant at p <0.05. The high middle or high level online business companies include these factors. Eventually, a model of Infopreneurship was represented in relation to online businesses in Iran.Based on the suggested model, it can be concluded that the more the online information businesses in Iran enjoy the identified factors, the more the amount of infopruneurship and its consequences will be, and that such a model can be used as a comprehensive road map for individuals, organizations and online information businesses interested in infopruneurship in Iran