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Regional Information Center for Science & Technology, Jam-e-Jam Ave, Jomhouri Eslami Blvd, Shiraz , 71946-94171 , IRAN


AbstractThe aim of this study was mapping, visualizing and determining subject trends in the field of information retrieval using author co-citation network based on articles indexed in Scopus from 2005- 2018. This scientometric study was performed using co-citation analysis. Research population includes all articles indexed in Scopus in the field of information retrieval from 2005 to 2018. Therefore, 35018 papers were retrieved in this field. VOSviewer was used to analyze the author co-citation. The study indicated that a total of 604757 authors were co-cited, 212328 journals were cited. Also highly cited articles and sources were determined. Amongst countries, United States, China, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada ranked one to five, respectively. Computer science was a pioneer with regard to interdisciplinary area in IR. It is noteworthy that visualization of author co-citation in field of IR determined ten clusters, namely knowledge and information science, computer science, electronics, information retrieval, information seeking behavior, psychology, multimedia information retrieval, software engineering, ophthalmology and surgery.