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1 Associate Prof. Research Department of Evaluation and Resource Development, RICeST, Iran

2 Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran


The purpose of this study was to investigate the subject of “public libraries” in the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (WoS) and Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC). The present study is a descriptive-analytical research adopting scientometrics approach in terms of data collection. The statistical population of the study consisted of 2976 documents indexed in the WoS during 1900-2017 as well as 232 documents indexed in the ISC during 1999-2017. To collect data, we refined the search to title as (TI=Public Library*) and limited it to the time span (PY=1900-2017) in WoS in order to avoid diversity in the retrieved documents. The same approach was followed to retrieve documents from ISC databases. Research findings showed that foreign researchers were interested in “information science and library”, “computer sciences”, and “architecture” in relation to public library studies. On the other hand, Iranian researchers focused on “public library studies”, “assessment”, and “staff studies including managers and librarians”. Considering the journals publishing research on public library issues, the findings showed that the American Library Journal (n=722) and the Iranian Research on Information Science and public libraries (n=134) published the largest number of articles on the subject at the global and local levels, respectively.  USA, Canada, and England were the most productive countries in “public libraries” research area. Besides, University of Illinois and Islamic Azad University were the most active institutions publishing in this field at international and national levels with 62 and 57 documents, respectively. This study aimed to survey and compare research on public libraries in WoS and ISC. An examination of the subject area of public libraries revealed the trends of research fronts at the global level and in Iran and determines whether or not the topics of interest to world-class researchers are close to that of national researchers or if domestic researchers have addressed public library issues with an indigenous approach. 


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