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In this paper, the opinions of bioinformatics experts were sought to examine the knowledge semantic maps. The research question was whether the mapping of bioinformatics field articles could contribute to the reflection of knowledge map in this field; can knowledge within articles be demonstrated through a knowledge map? The research type was applied and analytical. Data collection was performed in two ways. First, the data were collected from scientific databases by using semantic search software and drawing knowledge maps by the software. Second, Delphi technique was used in two stages in order to obtain the opinion of experts regarding these knowledge semantic maps and co-concepts in bioinformatics field. In this method, first, the co-concepts map of the articles exported by Yewno and the knowledge semantics map were presented to the experts to get their viewpoints. By implementing the Delphi approach, the opinions of experts in examining the application of knowledge semantic maps resulted in the phonological analysis of articles in this field. The analysis results demonstrated that the knowledge map of bioinformatics studies dynamically developed over time. The continuous conduction flow of scientific studies in this field brought continuous changes to the knowledge of this field.