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During the last decades, market orientation has received a great deal of attention from marketing scholars. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on the relationship between market orientation and business performance. This study aims at enhancing the researchers’ knowledge of market orientation and performance through analysis of international scientific researches over the past thirty years. This study, as an inductive and explorative research, by using systematic review and synthesis research, considers the researches in the field of market orientation and performance. Articles indexed by the Web of Science during the years 1900-2019 and three other scientific databases (Science Direct, Emerald, and Springer) were thoroughly investigated. The VOS Viewer software was used to perform the analysis. In the present study, from the 324 articles published by various authors, based on the report of the Web of Science database, scientific articles published on the impact of market orientation on performance grew significantly in the year 2015, and the United States, China and the United Kingdom have had the highest numbers of research. By using an evaluative view of the research, a comprehensive model is presented, which can also be used as a framework for researchers and managers. This study considers the importance of market orientation in promoting performance as a momentous and valuable structure. In addition, the current study introduces a comprehensive overview of the literature, most important emerging research trends, and the research opportunities of the future.