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Department of Management Information Systems, College of Administration and Economics, University of Mosul, Iraq


The world and its various fields witnessing many changes resulting from economic, political, social and technological developments. Where the societies are racing to have as much as possible information because primary is the raw material in its success and facing to these developments. In addition to use of information technology with high intensity these communities as known as the information society. Educational institutions must be at the forefront of organizations that rely on information and information technology- for their activities.Hence, the intellectual dilemma of research which is the diagnosis of the availability of the ingredients for building an information society in the College of Administration and Economics to be considered among these communities' societies? The research focuses on achieving a fundamental goal which is to measure the availability of the components of the information society in order to be adopted in building of this society. The researchers adopted questionnaire as a tool to collect field data and then prepared for this purpose. As the form questionnaire included 34 questions. And the selected of a sample of (86) my teaching was chosen from the faculty members of the college of management and economics /the university of mosul, as for the case study method was used. The researchers reached a number amount to a number of conclusions, the most important of which is a weakness in the orientation towards the authoring and publish of scientific books by university professors. As for the most important proposals that were presented in the research are the importance of caring for providing the provision of information technology in all colleges of the University of Mosul because it is one a basic of the requirement in contemporary university education.