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Lecturer, Department of Scientometrics Islamic Studies and Humanities, Regional Information Center for Science and Technology and Islamic World Science Citation Center, Shiraz, Iran.


The present study examines the retracted articles from three OIC member countries (Iran, Turkey, and Egypt) in the Web of Science (WoS). All articles from Iran, Turkey, and Egypt, published in the journals indexed in the WoS and retracted due to scientific misconduct, consisted of the research population. This analytical survey examined the retracted articles regarding research areas, periods, cumulative citations, and names of collaborating authors and countries by country, discipline, and field via scientometrics. With 38%, Iran has the most retracted articles in various fields and scientific fields. Most of the retracted articles are related to basic sciences, medicine, and engineering, respectively. In the analysis of statistics, the publisher of retracted articles, in Iran, Turkey, and Egypt, we can name two countries, the United States and the United Kingdom, which are among the publishers with many publishing activities in all countries. Considering that the number of retracted articles globally has increased significantly, informing researchers and those involved in scientific journals and regular monitoring of citation performance of journals can prevent similar events in the future.