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Associate Librarian, Department of Library College, Rishi Bankim Chandra Evening Collage, West Bengal, India


The study has been conducted 330 journal articles contributions with a total of 9527 citations contributed by 763 authors published in volume 78, no. 309 to volume 87, no. 348 of the source Journal,  Economica between 2011 to 2020. An analysis of the different forms of literature, subject-wise distribution, ranking of top 24 cited journals, and the application of Bradford’s law in Economics literature has been made. Results indicate that major forms of literature are journal 6173 (64.795%), followed by Books 2097 (22.011%) and Working Papers 569 (5.972%). Economica has published an average of 33 articles per volume. The average number of citations appeared at 238.175 citations in each issue. ‘American Economic Review’, published from the USA, tops the list with a tally of 481 (7.792%) citations, ‘Journal of Political Economy’ with 399 (6.464%) citations, published from USA and followed by ‘Economic Journal’ with 335 (5.427%) citations from the UK as the third position. Economics literature is not fit well Bradford’s Law. Leimkuhler model is also applied to verify Bradford’s law of scattering in the field of Economics. 20.1001.1.20088302.2022.