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Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Entrepreneurship, Islamic Azad University, Sari Branch, Sari, Iran


University startup accelerator programs have exponentially increased over the past decade; however, their role in the university entrepreneurial ecosystem is ambiguous. This research aims to Effectiveness of Technological Startups on University Entrepreneurship Ecosystems by Rough Set Theory. This is particularly the case when entrepreneurship education (EE) integration is considered, raising questions of the validity, measurement, and outcomes of such startup enablers. The target population in the qualitative section was similar research and academic experts at the entrepreneurial level. However, the target population in the qualitative section, 20 managers and deputies at various academic levels in Golestan province, were analyzed. According to the requirements of Rough Theory, the population size is acceptable. In this study, 9 research proposals for the development of technological startups and 5 components of the entrepreneurial ecosystem at the university level were determined by screening selected studies. Due to the confirmation of the theoretical adequacy limit based on Delphi analysis, they entered the analysis phase of Rough Theory. The results showed that the most effective role of the university as an entrepreneurial ecosystem is to strengthen the level of educational and research functions. If the educational and research functions in entrepreneurial ecosystems move towards technology, it can connect industry with the university and provide sustainable development.