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[Author Name]: Afaf A. Abu Sirhan [Academic Discipline]: Library and Information Science [Institutional Affiliation]: Al Hussein Bin Talal University [Mailing Address]: Maan/ Jordan [Telephone No.]: 00962775639744 [Email Address]: [ORCID]: 0000-0002-2059-3582]


The study aimed to provide a bibliographical analysis of the articles produced by various authors from the year 1965 to 2017. The study undertook a bibliometric approach to analyze data provided through standard statistical calculations. Only articles, books, and topics published from 1965 to 2017 in the Jordanian Journal of Library and Information were included in this study. The data was collected by preparing an index through web data collection. The research tool included the web database, where collected data were combined in a single cumulative index. Findings indicated that the highest research rate was produced during the 1980s, with an average publication of 28.6 articles each year. The findings further indicated that the ratio of the male population was high in producing articles, where most of them were based on single authorship. The analysis of the trend in terms of article type indicated researchers’ high-level interest in producing biographies during the 90s, which shifted to producing articles related to library management after 2000. Following the findings of this study, it is suggested to encourage researchers to explore diverse topics that lack the interest of different authors. This study concludes that the researchers are encouraged to produce more articles frequently by converting the libraries into electronic mediums and channels.   


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