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1 Associate Prof., Institute of Data Analytics and Information Systems, Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary.

2 Master in Knowledge and Information Science, Department of Knowledge and Information Science, University of Isfahan, and Iranian Social Security Organization, Isfahan, Iran


The quantitative research study used scientometrics methods to compare the readership of nursing journal articles shared on Mendeley and the frequency of citations of these articles in Scopus. The sample size included all articles published in 110 nursing journals over two years, and the data was collected using Mendeley Altmetrics, Scopus citation analysis, and SCImago Journal Rank list. The frequency of readership on Mendeley and the frequency of citations in Scopus were analyzed using Spearman's test and SPSS software. The results showed a positive and significant correlation between the frequency of readership in Mendeley and the frequency of citations in Scopus, with a moderate relationship between them. The Spearman's test result was 0.649 for the first year and 0.539 for the second year, at a significance level of 0.001. The study concluded that Mendeley and Scopus can be used to evaluate the quality of articles and ranking journals. However, qualitative evaluation is also needed to determine the appropriate measurement tools and their prioritization. The study suggests that the results can be used by researchers, editors, and publishers to evaluate the impact of their work and to make informed decisions about future publishing strategies.


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