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Lecturer, Department of Scientometrics Islamic Studies and Humanities Lecturer, Islamic World Science & Technology Monitoring and Citation institute


The present study was conducted to draw the co-authorship network of hot papers of science citation index in the Web of Science (WOS) database from 2020 to 2021. This investigation is a descriptive study using a scientometrics approach. This research was conducted using social network analysis indices to visualize the co-authorship networks of hot papers in the science citation index. The structure of the co-authorship network of researchers of hot papers in the field of science consists of 47,045 authors who have contributed to the publication of 3475 hot papers from 2020 to 2021, which indicates the high co-authorship of these authors. Moreover, it was found that among the co-authorship patterns of these researchers, the most significant number of articles during the studied years was related to the five-author collaborations. Moreover, the average Collaboration Coefficient (CC) of the authors of hot papers was higher than 0.80, indicating the authors' strong tendency to produce joint articles. The high collaboration of the authors of hot papers in the science citation index can be one of the reasons for increasing the level of visibility and the potential for using them.


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