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1 Ph.D., Department of Management, University of Isfahan, Isfahan

2 MBA, Department of Commerce, Isfahan Commerce Department, Isfahan


Although some researchers do not doubt the effectiveness of user participation in MIS success, research findings show that such relationships is not consistent under all circumstances. The present paper investigates the relations between user participation, on MIS success in light of the managerial styles over systems growth stages. Six product-oriented companies were elected which had a minimum condition of having 1000 employees and have been experiencing MIS for at least 5 years. A sum of 48 managers and 55 users in MIS department were selected to answer four standard questionnaires. The results showed that 1) only user participation were affected in the system development stage, 2) there was no effect of managerial styles on user participation and systems success, 3) managerial styles, user participation and systems success differ in MIS growth stages and finally 4) the relationships and systems success differ over MIS growth stages.