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The Internet and Imperatives for New Forms of Organizations

R. Ghasemiyeh; A. Zariffard

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2004, Pages 3-10

  The role of information technology (IT) in shaping tomorrow’s operations is a distinctive one. The Internet is a pervasive phenomenon and it is commonly believed that the Internet and its inherent distributed capabilities lead to decentralized views. They have had profound effects on organizational ...  Read More

The Effects of Management Styles and User Participation on MIS Success over Different Systems Growth Stages

M. Jamshidian; M. Rahnama

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2004, Pages 11-19

  Although some researchers do not doubt the effectiveness of user participation in MIS success, research findings show that such relationships is not consistent under all circumstances. The present paper investigates the relations between user participation, on MIS success in light of the managerial ...  Read More

Electronic Commerce Customer Relationship Management: a Case Study of the Petrochemical Industry

A. Sanayei

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2004, Pages 21-30

  Information Technology (IT) in recent years has become the major part of profitability, in industry, economy and cultures, where, IT has accounted for 60% of the industry in 2002. In the new millennium, Information Technology (IT) comes out very effectively and is becoming evident in both developed ...  Read More

Iran Auditing Organization: Information and Control Source for the Auditing Profession

S. H. Sajjadi; S. M. Mirtooni; M. M. Razzaghi

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2004, Pages 31-42

  This paper examines the usefulness of the Auditing Organization for the auditing profession from the point of view of the Scientific Board Members of Accounting groups of public universities, Master of Science courses and Ph.D. students of Accounting at public universities, Financial Managers of ...  Read More

Designing and Implementing a Web-Based Full-Text Database on Persian Electronic Journals

J. Mehrad; S. Koleini

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2004, Pages 43-54

  By winter 2003 the Regional Library of Science and Technology (RLST) successfully completed the design and implementation of the Full-Text Database on Persian Electronic Journals. The main objective was to facilitate easy access to articles embodied in Persian journals without requiring the physical ...  Read More

Information Seeking Behavior: the Case of Specialists, Residents and Interns at Hospitals of Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences

Z. Bigdeli

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2004, Pages 55-65

  This study attempts to investigate the information-seeking behavior of specialists, residents and interns at the hospitals of Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences, Iran. The data were collected through a questionnaire completed by 114 respondents. The research findings revealed that the three groups ...  Read More

Space-Time Block Codes from Constituent Intersectant Orthogonal Designs

Zheng-Quan Li; Glang-Rui Hu

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2004, Pages 67-78

  In this paper, we propose space-time block codes based on constituent intersectant orthogonal designs. After channel model is formulated, we studied the space-time block codes from constituent intersectant orthogonal designs. At last we made simulations for the space-time block codes from complex ...  Read More