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Ph.D., Faculty of Administrative Sciences & Economics, University of Isfahan, Isfahan


Information Technology (IT) in recent years has become the major part of profitability, in industry, economy and cultures, where, IT has accounted for 60% of the industry in 2002. In the new millennium, Information Technology (IT) comes out very effectively and is becoming evident in both developed and developing countries. These areas especially within the fields of information gathering strengthen networks in the broadest sense. Moreover, E-transformation has become a silent revolution. The frenzy of the dotcom years has gone, but the quiet work of harnessing the Internet to derive efficiencies in both business and government, if anything, has intensified. The Internet offers solutions to the twin priorities in these harsher economic times: saving costs and reaching customers. In this article we will explain Electronic Customer Relationship Management and its impact on petrochemical industry, and we will suggest necessary recommendations for use of this important aspect of IT.