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1 Ph.D., President of RLST, Shiraz

2 M.S., Head, Dept. of Information Technology, RLST, Shiraz


By winter 2003 the Regional Library of Science and Technology (RLST) successfully completed the design and implementation of the Full-Text Database on Persian Electronic Journals. The main objective was to facilitate easy access to articles embodied in Persian journals without requiring the physical presence of the users. Small and medium-size libraries of Iran as well as those of other countries encounter ample problems and difficulties in their endeavor to add all the issues of a given journal to their holdings. This point clearly asserts that the existence of such a database can function a really important role in society. Due to the existence of the whole set of issues and volumes of different journals, this database will act as an invaluable source of Persian journals in the near future. In this article, foremost the term electronic journal will be defined. Steps will then be taken to design and implement the database.